It's a distinction no town really wants to have, but Lubbock made Wikipedia's List of Unusual Deaths for a very unusual and very tragic death.

According to the site: "Miguel Martinez, 14, from Lubbock, Texas, was impaled through the chest by the horn of a bull statue. He had been playing hide and seek at night in front of the National Ranching Heritage Center."

The story made national news, including the New York Daily News. It's the only Texas death to have made this Wikipedia list.

I remember hearing about this awful tragedy. It saddened and disturbed me that death could be so cruel and so insanely random. My heart still goes out to his family.

Some other truly bizarre 2010s deaths from the Wikipedia list include:

"Forty-five-year-old João Maria de Souza was crushed by a cow falling through the roof of his home in Caratinga, Brazil."

"Geoffrey Haywood, 65, of Newport, South Wales pretended to be blind for pity. One day, he fell into a ditch and died."

"Edward Archbold, 32, of West Palm Beach, Florida, died after winning a cockroach-eating contest. The cause of death was determined to be accidental choking due to 'arthropod body parts.'"

"Robert Mwaijega, 47, a fisherman in Southern town of Kyela, Mbeya Region in Tanzania, died after one of the live fish that he had caught flip-flopped and jumped into his mouth, squeezing itself down his throat, into his chest and killing him."

And perhaps the worst:

"Denver Lee St. Clair, 58, was asphyxiated by an 'atomic wedgie' administered by his stepson during a fight. After St. Clair had been knocked unconscious the elastic band from his torn underwear was pulled over his head and stretched around his neck, strangling him."

Special thanks to redditor xanplease for this find.

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