The Insane Inflatable 5K this past Saturday was a huge success and way more fun than we anticipated.

My takeaways from the event? We love to bounce and slide. We love costumes and sunshine. But what do we love most of all? Our cell phones!

The lost and found table was full of things you would imagine would get lost during a 5K race: Sunglasses, wallets and keys.

But what populated the lost and found table the most were cell phones

I was standing with the announcer and literally every five minutes, someone was coming up to us handing us an expensive cell phone they found on the ground while participating in the race.

My husband brought up a great point.  We are all so attached to our cell phones that we can't even lock them up in the car while we are running a 3-mile race. It's true.

Granted, I get why you would want it with you: Selfies taken at the end of the race were very popular. But the amount of lost cell phones almost outnumbered the selfies!

Thank goodness we live in an area where the majority of people are honest!

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