Our friends over at RentCafe have interesting report about Lubbock rent prices for the month of October.

Rent Cafe
Rent Cafe

Apparently, rents have dropped over 8 percent during the last year. But what I find funny is that I don't see it.

I know plenty of people whose leases came up for renewal during the last 12 months, and in most cases, rents went up -- mine included

I live south of 34th Street and Boston in 'Not Tech Terrace,' and our rents have steadily climbed over the years. This is also the case throughout most residential areas anywhere close to Texas Tech and heavy business areas.

I would like to know what parts of town saw rent reductions. I know folks that rent in many different areas of Lubbock and their rents have gone up over the last 180 days.

In fact, a friend of mine who owns multiple rental properties has gone up on his rents, just to cover his costs.

Congrats to those of you who got a rent reduction or lower costs on new housing. The rest of us envy you. Now can you tell us what part of town you are in?

Tell us in the comments if your rents have gone up or down this past year -- we want to know!


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