The founder of luxury clothier Malouf’s has passed away. John B. Malouf was a 1949 Texas Tech graduate and opened the first location of Malouf’s on Avenue K in downtown Lubbock in April 1949.

Over the decades, Malouf’s has changed locations in Lubbock and is now located at 82nd and Quaker in Kingsgate South. A second store in Southlake was also added.

In 2013, Malouf was presented with a lifetime achievement award from MR Magazine and he has been honored by Texas Tech over the decades for his donations to the university.

In a 2013 edition of "MR Magazine," Malouf recounted how he worked to become a retailer for Oxford apparel.

"I knew there was a market for luxury in my community of small businessmen, and that I could do a better job with it," he said. "I began carrying DeRogatis suits, very expensive but lesser known, to prove to Oxford I could sell a better suit."

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Malouf (right, pictured in 1958) then went on to explain how he met a Mr. McDonald at Neiman Marcus, in Dallas, who eventually became president of Oxford. Eventually, Malouf was invited to a meeting in Chicago with McDonald, and years later, in 1964, his store became an Oxford retailer.

In that same 2013 issue of "MR Magazine," Bob Denton, president of Oxford Clothing, said: "It was a good decision on our part (to work with Malouf). He's been our advocate ever since."

John B. Malouf was 88 years old.