On Friday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Lubbock County Elections Administrator Dorothy Kennedy talked with Tom Collins and Laura Mac about a possible error with the voting machines.

The elections office has received several calls in the past few days concerning a possible error when people have selected to vote straight ticket. People reported that, after selecting a straight Republican ticket on the ballot, the final ballot shows that they voted for Barack Obama and Joe Biden instead. However, Kennedy said that the machines had been tested repeatedly, and no such error occurred with them.

"...sometimes people will pick straight party, and then turn the wheel down and vote again for president. That actually, with our equipment, deselects your choice. And then, if you move the dial to another screen and hit enter, it will pick that person."

Kennedy said after the straight ticket was selected, you do not have to select anything else until the voters get to the Buffalo Springs water district or Abernathy school district ballots. She added that the most important thing voters need to remember is to double-check their final ballot to ensure their vote is indeed going to the candidate they chose.

Early voting continues until November 2nd. Visit kfyo.com for a complete list of early voting locations.