Just one day after news broke that popular food chain Buffalo Wild Wings was charging customers a 2 percent Affordable Care Act surcharge on their bills, the restaurant has pulled a 180.

The decision to drop the surcharge was confirmed by Heather Leiferman, Director of Public Relations for Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc.

Prior to dropping the extra fee, Howard Restaurant Group, the company that owns the Lubbock-based Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants, defended the decision to add it, citing that it was preferable to simply raising food and drink prices and cutting employee hours.

Social media was divided over the additional charge.

Some said they didn't mind paying the additional 2 percent charge, while others said they would simply deduct that 2 percent from what they would give to their waiter as a tip. Many claimed they would simply stop dining at restaurants that included the surcharge on the bill.

Las Brisas had also recently added the surcharge to customer bills.