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We fork over so much money every month, but for what? AC that barely works?

I've talked about apartment AC before. Specifically, I've talked about how some complexes just will not fix a broken AC unit for weeks at a time in 90-degree weather, then not compensate you at all even though the apartment was literally inhospitable for an extended period of time. This is different, though.

The AC works, sure, but it doesn't affect every room equally.

This isn't my apartment, by the way. It's my partner's. His living room and kitchen are nice and cool, but for some reason his bedroom gets hot, and no one has a clue why. We've got fans going on 24/7 just to keep that room manageable.

Management's been told about it, we've checked the vents, and nothing. The one room you're supposed to sleep in and be the most comfortable in is all muggy and it makes-a me angry. First world problems, am I right?

My main complaint is that we pay all this money every month to money-hungry landlords who just do not fix our units but happily charge us for crappy apartments that will only get worse over time. And you know they won't go out of their way to update them even when the units desperately need it.

Okay. Rant over. Landlords make me angry, but none of us make enough money to even consider buying a home so I'll just have to grit my teeth and deal with it until I don't have the energy to care any more.

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