Talk about not looking your age! Lubbock turns 107 today, March 16, 2016 and the Hub City hasn't ever looked better.

Lubbock was incorporated on March 16, 1909, in Lubbock County, after having been a community merged with the town of Monterey. At that time, Lubbock had a whopping 2,000 residents.

Lubbock has seen many changes over the last century, especially in the last 25 years since I've been a resident here.

When I moved here January 1, 1990, Lubbock County's population was 186,921.

In 2016, the population of Lubbock County is 229,573.

Businesses have come and gone, people have moved in and moved away, but one thing remains: The he unquenchable West Texas spirit. The can-do attitude that rises above adversity and always stands ready to help a neighbor in need.

The wind and dust, whether it's called a haboob or just a West Texas dust storm, keep the burrs knocked off and have made us resilient to hardships and grateful for our blessings.

We don't take these blessings for granted, be it one of our famous sunrises or sunsets, the laugh of a child or our favorite team winning a great game or championship.

We, in many cases, live hard, play hard and try not to take life too hard. "Lubbock or leave it"? Absolutely.