I've been hearing about Slaton Bakery all my life, but to my shame, I must admit I've never made the drive to try it. According to most of my friends, the cookies are to die for.

The bakery has always been popular, but now even more folks are likely to visit. Slaton Bakery is going to be featured on Texas Country Reporter, as announced on the Slaton Bakery's Facebook page:

Great cookies alone isn't enough to make Texas Monthly Reporter. The place has to have that unique Texas charm. After reading up on Slaton Bakery, it's obvious it has abundant history. It opened in 1923, and is now back in its original location. And this one line from their website in particular completely won me over:

One product we are well known for is our wedding cakes, and a interesting occurrence is making 50th anniversary cakes for couples to whom we also made their wedding cake.

People from all over have visited the bakery. They say all 50 states, plus 54 countries, are in their registry. I'm sure that number will continue to grow and grow. Who's with me for a road trip?

Texas Country Reporter airs on KCBD 11 (NBC) 9 a.m. on Sundays. This episode is set to air sometime in October.

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