A Lubbock man carrying some 468 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle was caught green-handed by a superstar K9 with an impressive service record.

According to KXAN, Fayette County Sheriff's Office's Sgt. Randy Thumann pulled over 19-year-old Gilberto Torres Jr. of Lubbock, Texas around 85 miles east of San Antonio on Interstate 10. Sgt. Thumann said he noticed Torres was nervous and deployed Lobos to search the truck. What happened next sounds like something out of a TV crime drama.

Lobos sniffed out a whopping 468 pounds of marijuana stashed away in an auxiliary fuel tank located under a trap door in the truck's bed.

The street value of the pot? Nearly $250,000.

Lobos' big drug bust is just the latest news for the crime-fighting K9 and his human partner.

Lobos the K9
Lobos and Sgt. Thumann in front of the seizure of $6 million worth of cocaine (Photo: Fayette County Sheriff's Office)

Earlier this month, the pair uncovered $50,000 in laundered money hidden inside a car. A traffic stop over the summer yielded $1.3 million worth of meth that was hidden inside fire extinguishers. And in May, Lobos sniffed out $6 million worth if cocaine -- some 132 pounds -- hidden inside hollowed-out wooden blocks inside a truck.

But drug-busting and crime-fighting aren't the only things on Lobos' impressive resume.

Back in September, Lobos helped authorities locate and save an elderly man suffering from dementia who had gone missing.


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