Joe Biden Holds First Press Conference As President
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President Joe Biden gave his first official press conference on Thursday. The press conference lasted over an hour and in that time Biden only took questions from ten different news outlets. Of course, FOX News, Newsmax, and other conservative publications were frozen out.

Biden often gave rambling answers, had to constantly look at his notes, refused media access to border facilities, and had no answer to a few questions. It was embarrassing to watch and if I were an adversary of the United States, I would look at Biden and this White House as weak and out of touch

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Biden told reporters that he expects to run again in 2024, which was good for a laugh and got closer to saying he was tired of filibuster. At the same time, Biden talks about wanting to be the unifying President. And this is where he proves that he isn't unifying at all.

Biden will destroy this country if he continues to allow the crises at the border to persist. He will destroy this nation if he allows the filibuster to be blown up to take away our firearms and usher in even more socialists policies. Biden isn't a unifier. Nothing he has done has brought the nation together. Instead of bringing the nation together, Biden threatens executive action on guns and blames former President Donald Trump for the crisis on the border. At one point Thursday, Biden even said he didn't know if the Republican Party would be around in 2024.

Biden is hungry for power and his policies will bring great harm to this nation. If he is really wanting to unite the nation, let's see it, but I doubt we will.

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