The small Texas border of Eagle Pass is spending a fortune every day on migrant care ... 2.2 million dollars since mid - September alone.

Migrants are crossing the border into Texas in record numbers and dealing with them is hitting many cities pretty hard budget - wise.

Eagle Pass, Texas for example has spent over 2 million dollars just between mid September and December 30th alone.

Eagle Pass, Texas has less than 30,000 residents but, lately, has seen as many as 4,000 migrants cross over in a single day. At that rate, the cities population is beaten every 6 - 7 days.

Those people often, almost constantly, need help and that is hitting the city wallet pretty hard. Fire Chief Manuel Mello told FOX:

"The department spends roughly $700 on each call, meaning migrant-related responses alone costs "approximately $21,000 in total" each day, according to Mello.

"We have all kinds of calls from minor cuts and bruises to hypothermia to heart attacks to broken bones to even childbirth," he told Fox News. "So we're transporting all kinds of patients, and they're all migrants."

"Sometimes the hospital gets overwhelmed, and we're waiting 20 to 30 minutes with a patient inside the ambulance for a bed because we only have one hospital," Mello continued. -

According to Fox News, first responders are being called to the banks of the Rio Grande and/or the Customs and Border Protection (CPB) at Eagle Pass almost every hour.

The city has not been reimbursed by the government for these expense and also recently had to request extra refrigerators to store bodies in as the morgue has been overwhelmed by migrants who drowned crossing the Rio Grande.

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