Many Texas high schools have been put on lockdown this week after receiving threatening calls or tips of bombs and active shooters on campus.

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On Monday, August 21st:

Amarillo High School in Amarillo, Texas was placed on lockdown at 1:15 pm after the school received a bomb threat, the tip came from a call to a National Crisis Hotline.  Amarillo Police, Randall County Sheriffs' officers, and AISD officers and personnel swept the high school exterior and interior of the school while keeping the students on lockdown.  The students were released about 4 pm later that afternoon after no threat was found.

Alpine High School in Alpine, Texas also received a bomb threat, according to the Alpine ISD a thorough sweep was conducted of AHS by bomb squad teams from Odessa, with no evidence found to substantiate any part of the hoax threat. The bomb threat was also determined to be a hoax.

Permian High School in Odessa, Texas was also locked down after receiving a report about a weapon on campus. According to the Ector County ISD,  This afternoon, the University of Texas Permian Basin dispatch received a phone call stating there was an active shooter at Permian High School. UTPB began notifying all law enforcement agencies in this area, and all responded to PHS. Upon receiving the call, ECISD police placed the school in lockdown, an emergency response in which all people inside the school take shelter within a locked room. All safety procedures were followed and officers were able to clear the school of any threat, deem it safe, and release the lockdown. Law enforcement confirmed there was no shooter at Permian and there were no shots fired at the school.

According to Arlington High School, in Arlington, Texas, the Arlington Police Department was made aware of a threatening message about AHS. The school was put on lockdown at 1:34 p.m. During that time, APD and other emergency officials searched outside the campus and no credible threat was found. Classes inside the school were then cleared. The school was given the all-clear at 2:46 p.m., and students were dismissed on time.

On Tuesday, August 22nd:

Canyon High School in Canyon, Texas was placed on lockdown at 10:30 am after receiving a bomb threat.  Law enforcement and school personnel swept all exterior areas and then evacuated students from the building to sweep the interior.  Reeves-Hinger Elementary and Midway Alternative School were both put on secure mode due to the lockdown at CHS.   Canyon High School was given the all-clear at 12:40 pm and students resumed their classes.  Reeves-Hinger Elementary and Midway Alternative School were taken off of secure mode.  No credible threat was found.

Lamar High School in Arlington, Texas, According to Lamar High School, the school was put on lockdown at 8:17 am after receiving and threatening phone call.  The Arlington Police Department responded with additional help to investigate.  The threat was found not to be credible and the school was giving the all learn at 9:19 am.

Is this just a weird coincidence?

That all these high schools went on lockdown on the same day with a bomb threat or active shooter?

It's scary enough to send your children to school in today's society because of the dangers they are faced with daily.  However, if this is just a well-thought-out hoax across the state, this is far from funny, and hopefully, law enforcement will be able to track down those that have made these calls.

Could this be something more?

Is it possible there is something more sinister happening with these threats? Is it just some sick person playing a prank?  Since it is happening at multiple high schools across Texas, are these drills for schools and local law enforcement?

Since Texas Senate Bill 168 was passed in 2021, new rules went into effect on June 26, 2022, that each school district and open-enrollment charter schools have to conduct emergency safety drills in accordance with Texas Education Code.  This includes emergency drills and active threat exercises.  These drills do not include persons role-playing as active aggressors or other simulated threats.

There are so many questions, but unfortunately no answers.

Hopefully, in the next few days, each of these school districts will have answers as to why and who has been making these threatening calls and tips.

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