marillo and Lubbock, there has always been an unspoken rivalry.  Amarillo's better, no Lubbock's better.  We love the Yellow City, no the Hub City is the greatest.  No matter how you look at it, Amarillo and Lubbock are sister cities.

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The two cities are so similar, yet different.  When it comes to political leanings, Amarillo and Lubbock, both lean in the same direction.  They share the same politics as most cities in Texas. Texas is red, despite it turning a little bit purple these days.

Looking at Amarillo and Lubbock, which city is the most conservative?


Michael J. Rivera/TSM Amarillo
Michael J. Rivera/TSM Amarillo

Amarillo sits in the heart of the Texas Panhandle, it's one of the biggest cities between Albuquerque and Dallas, as well as ALB and Oklahoma City.  According to the latest Census data, the population of Amarillo is 201,291.

According to an article on Southern Afro, Texas is only 23.3 percent pro-environment and 39.6 percent pro-choice.  Not only that, but House Real found that 69.9% of Potter County voters and 79.8% of Randall County voters supported the Republican nominee for president in the 2020 election.  Amarillo also has a religious population of 57%.  As with most of Texas, Amarillo typically votes Republican.


TX: Lubbock: Buddy Holly
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Lubbock is a bit bigger than Amarillo. The latest Census data shows Lubbock having a population of 263,930.  However,  the Lubbock EDA estimates a population of 318,679 in the metro area.  House Real found that 65.4% of Lubbock County voters supported the Republican nominee for president in the 2020 election.  The religious population of Lubbock is 61%.  It's been found that Lubbock is one of the most right-leaning cities in Texas.

Even though Amarillo may beat Lubbock as being more conservative, the truth is, the cities are about the same.  It just shows that no matter if you're for Amarillo or for Lubbock, both cities are basically the same.

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