Thanksgiving is less than a week away which means seeing all of your loved ones, the parade, and most important of all the food. Food is a staple when it comes to Thanksgiving but sometimes preparing the food can be dangerous, especially the turkey.Lubbock Fire and Rescue held a live demonstration at Fire Headquarters to show what can happen when the right safety precautions are not taken while frying a frozen turkey.

We were able to speak with Deputy Chief of Operations Nick Wilson at the live demonstration who was able to inform us when you are cooking, or frying a frozen turkey, to pay attention. This means to never leave the food unattended, even if you are going to run real quick to the store, because that could lead to disaster.


If you are opting to go for a fried turkey dinner this year then remember that the frozen bird should be thawed and drained of as much liquid as possible. Nick Wilson states that this is because when the water in the frozen turkey turns to steam it expands several thousand times which can cause the oil to react. That oil reaction can then cause the oil to go over the edge of the pot and make direct contact with the fire which could lead to a big fireball.

Put It Out!

Some misconceptions that people have when it comes to putting out fires, especially grease fires, is to use water which can make the fire worse. Also some people have been told to use flour to help put out a grease fire but that is false and should not be used because it can make the fire worse or even spread it. Always try to use a fire extinguisher or for small fires try to put a cover over the fire to asphyxiate the flames, if it's a small fire.

What To Do

When you are cooking a turkey outside it's best to stay away from the home so any fire that occurs doesn't spread to your home. It can be tempting to keep any outdoor fire source close to your home to reduce the amount of walking you do that day or to make it easier but it can ultimately be dangerous. Also make sure to eliminate as much moisture as possible from the turkey, which could take several days, and will include you patting that turkey dry to remove as much moisture as possible before submerging the bird in the oil. Also make sure to have a fire extinguisher on hand that has passed inspection, just in case, and call your local fire department immediately if any fires occur this Thanksgiving season.

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