Each year the City of Lubbock takes in living Christmas trees. This year from Christmas week starting December 20th through January 9th there will be a roll-off outside each Drop-Off site for live Christmas Trees.

For the rest of January, we will have the Christmas Tree roll-off moved inside the gates to monitor. The trees must be free of all decorations and debris.

Once collected the City of Lubbock Solid Waste Service then grind the trees into coarse mulch. Year-round mulch is offered for free at our Southside Recycling site. As a tip, the mulch is in a pile therefore we recommend that individuals bring a box or bag and then a shovel or rake to collect it.

City of Lubbock Locations:

The City of Plainview said it will offer sites to discard live Christmas trees to its community.

Here is where to drop them off:

• Water Treatment Plant at 3500 16th Street

• 2nd Street & Columbia Street

• Running Water Regional Park at 4th Street & Floydada

Trees can also be discarded at the landfill at 1031 County Road Y after January 4. The hours for the landfill are Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Holiday Waste Reduction and Recycling Tips

  • Bows: While these aren't recyclable they are the easiest to reuse time after time. Simply add some tape and they are as good as new.
  • Gift Bags: Brown paper bags and just paper bags are recyclable, while shinny graphic or glitter bags are not they can all be saved and reused.
  • Wrapping Paper: Must pass the "crinkle test" if the paper wrinkles, folds, and crinkles when waded up it is recyclable don't worry about small pieces of tape, if it will not crinkle chances are the paper is coated or has metallic, glitter, or velvety flocking and therefore not recyclable.
  • Tissue Paper: Not recyclable but easily reusable for future gifts or projects.
  • Ribbons: These can be recycling nightmares as they are considered "tanglers" and can bind and wrap around equipment. Ribbons are not recyclable but can be reused again and again for gifts or even art projects.
  • Christmas Cards: these should be carefully looked over and sorted. Plain paper cards are fine to recycle but shinny or photo paper cards and those with the same metallic, glitter, or velvety embossing are either precious keepsakes or simply trash.
  • Boxes: Yes cardboard and pasteboard (think the thin material of cereal boxes) are recyclable just make sure to flatten the boxes. Break the boxes down flat and bring them to one of our five locations that accept cardboard.
  • Other decorations: Can be donated to a local non-profit. Christmas lights can be mailed in here to be recycled: https://www.christmas-light-source.com/Christmas-Lights-Recycling-Programc210.html
  • Electronics: Those still usable can be donated the others typically can be taken back to the stores they were purchased from for recycling.

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