Well, the weather outside is turning frightful, and we could see a slight chance of some light snow for Thanksgiving night, but, even though it does get cold here, we could have bigger issues to deal with.

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Take our sunshine-ravaged friends to the southeast in Florida, who on top of 2 Hurricanes mixed in with all of those snowbirds invading from New England on their yearly migration, they have a phenomenon that we can't possibly understand once the weather \turns cold. And when I say "cold", I mean below 40 degrees.

That's right, FALLING IGUANAS.

(Editors note: I LOVE Falling Iguanas. I have all their albums, but its a shame that 94.5 doesn't play them anymore.)


I must also admit, I LOVE this video. And no, they aren't dead...they just "go to sleep" when it gets too cold, and drop like stones from their perch in the trees. The problem is, if you park under one, that could be some minor body damage to your Prius.

Of course, fellow freedom-likers in FLA are all-in on this cold-weather coma.

Yes, they issue "Iguanalerts".

The story goes, that when the temperature falls below 40 degrees, iguanas blood flow slows to a crawl, and they pass out from the frosty conditions, which means if they are in a tree, they tumble out like stones until the weather warms up enough for them to thaw.

I am having a had time however trying to come up with a West Texas equivalent. Perhaps Prairie Dogs suddenly seizing up and tumbling over in cold weather? That would be al sorts of cray-cray.

Mercifully, all we have to deal with are ice storms and snowfall of up to an inch that keep us from going to work (Yay!). Unless a gila monster goes ass over teakettle in the cold, we really don't have anything to worry about here.

Texas - 1, Florida - Zero.


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