If you are looking to get away from your day-to-day in Lubbock, Texas this Valentine’s Day, there are a variety of great options in and around town.

Valentine’s Day is all about showing your appreciation for those you love. This can be done with traditional flowers, chocolates, and gifts, or in any other way you feel like your loved one would enjoy the most.

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You can cook together, give each other massages, go on an adventure, enjoy the outdoors, or anything else you’d like.

I love to spend Valentine’s just hanging out with my partner and enjoying each other's company, so doing so in a rental like Airbnb can be a great way to do so outside of your usual space.


What Lubbock Offers

Lubbock and its surrounding areas are home to a large variety of rental options from cozy cabins to photogenic city hideaways. You can book them for a few days to lounge around together, cook delicious meals, play games, or be closer to any date plans you’d like to make.

I made sure to hunt down a few different options so you can find something that fits your wants and needs. There are 5 options in total that stood out to me.

From a rural getaway outside the city, a cute stay in the heart of Lubbock, and relaxing by Buffalo Springs Lake, there is something you are bound to enjoy.

Keep scrolling to look at 5 different Airbnb rentals that would be great for a Lubbock Valentine’s getaway.

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