As much as they've frustrated us this year, everybody loves watching Texas Tech Basketball. However, there are times and places when watching a game becomes an unwanted intrusion.

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This past weekend, my wife and I decided to enjoy a "brunch-date" at a local restaurant. The eatery in question shall remain nameless, to protect the innocent. However, we were convinced to stop by after seeing a social media post with a picture of an obscenely beautiful Bloody Mary. It featured Bacon, Shrimp, and was AMAZING.

When we arrived, we sat in the lounge area, which was quiet...even though they had the Texas Tech/Baylor game on several TV's, including one that was directly over our table (this is important).The sound was not on, but you could easily tell what was happening because they had closed captioning on.

My wife and I ordered, and enjoyed our beverages along with some amazing food. The waiter was also a great kid, and went out of his way to be helpful, which makes what happened next so disturbing.

As we sat, enjoying our food, drinks and conversation, the restaurant began to fill up. At this point, someone (presumably a manager) began to walk through the restaurant with a basket full of remote controls, turning up the televisions so that people could hear the game. The manager stood next to our table, pointed the remote at the TV, and turned it up to near earbleed level. I looked up, and then at the manager who by this point had already wordlessly moved on to the next TV (there were at least 7 in the room). My wife and I could only hear the sound of the announcers, explaining in great detail how much Texas Tech was starting to suck. A nice, enjoyable afternoon, was shot to hell.

Now, the manager could have asked us if it would be an issue if they turned up the TV, or offered to move us to another table, but no. It was suck it up and deal, with no consideration for the customers. Unfortunately, the managers actions actually put a stain on the fact that the food was great and our server was terrific.  I may have left a generous tip, but I can guarantee that we will not forget this experience, and will more than likely not return to what is an otherwise perfectly fine establishment.


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