"Well, it's Groundhog Day....again." ~Bill Murray

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So, old CM Punxsutawney Phil made his annual appearance this morning in a small Pennsylvanian Town that literally has nothing else going for it, and with laser focused determination...villagers ceremoniously yanked an innocent groundhog out of his warm, toasty burrow, and checked to see if a shadow appeared under the confused rodent.


Seriously, who in their right mind is actually excited about 6 more weeks of winter? Yeah, we don't understand it either. It's just the dark times until we launch into "Haboob Season" here on the Dust Coast, which brings all the tourists to town.

However, perhaps we here in West Texas need our own Meteorologic Rodent to guide us with the most accurate forecast in the 806. For that, may we suggest:


Prairie Dog
Topher Covarrubio, NeverEnding Memories Photography

Yeah, he's hardcore., and he'll cut if you give him a chance.

So, this morning, we sent an unpaid intern to the vacant lot at the corner of 19th and Upland, where Percy lives...away from the hustle, bustle, and commercialism of Prairie Dog Town. Plus, Percy really isn't allowed back there, 'cause he's got warrants.

After calling out for Percy, and getting no answer, we instructed our intern to stick his hand down into the ground, in an attempt to retrieve the prognosticating prairie dog and find out what his long-range forecast may be.

This....didn;t go well.

Apparently, Percy was still sleeping off the effects of a bender with a discarded half-full bottle of Fireball, and was in no mood to be disturbed. He lunged at the intrusion, and landed a nasty bite on our intern's hand.

As a result, we can safely predict that our intern will experience 6 more weeks of rabies shots. Don't worry, though. We made him sign a release of liability, so we're all good.


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