Halloween is officially here, and I am so excited to hand out candy this year. Last year was my first time being able to pass out candy at my home, and it is just as fun as I remember going trick or treating was as a kid. Mostly because I love seeing all of the costumes the kids and parents are wearing.

I’m keeping it simple this year with a skeleton costume for myself, but here are some other great costumes that I am looking forward to seeing tonight.

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Nothing is quite as hilarious and adorable as watching a kid wander down the street with their friends, completely engulfed by a big inflatable costume. I had a trick or treater last year in one of the T-rex inflatables and the way the head swayed around as she walked was too cute.


Hi, Barbie! After the frenzy over the Barbie movie, everyone is looking forward to Barbie costumes. Not only would I like to see some looks from the movie but I’d also love to see some more obscure costumes from the animated movies.


Hi, Ken! If we are going to have barbie, we have to have some Kens in the mix. I’d love to see a variety of Kens too, just like the varietyof Barbie options.

Anything Homemade

Whenever I see a costume that was made with love, it always makes me happy. Knowing that whoever made it put so much time and effort into it is absolutely priceless. They typically turn out to be the best costumes too.


Any sort of anime costume/cosplay always makes me happy. Whether it’s a baby No Face or a little Eren Jeager, it’s always fun to see.

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