As winter makes its way to Texas, cold and flu season is in full swing. From stomach bugs to the sniffles, our bodies are having a hard time keeping up with the changing of the season.

While the stomach flu is one of the most gnarly annual illnesses to succumb to, nothing is quite as frustrating as dealing with a sore throat. The constant ache, pain when swallowing, and losing your voice are all common factors that leave you wishing it would end.

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While sucking on cough drops can help to temporarily ease the pain, it isn’t always the best option.

If you are someone that prefers a more natural method, and also enjoy sipping on a hot drink, there is a sore throat tea that can really help.

The drink simply consists of lemon, ginger, honey, hot water, and an optional dash of cinnamon. You can pre-make your healing honey by cleaning and thinly slicing a lemon, adding it to a mason jar with peeled and sliced ginger, the optional dash of cinnamon, and covering everything with honey. You can then store this mixture in your fridge so it is ready to use. Simply add a spoonful to hot water, stir until all the honey melts, and enjoy.

The anti-inflammatory properties of honey, lemon, ginger, and cinnamon all help to reduce the irritation in your throat and ease the pain. The lemon also helps give you a boost of vitamin C, and the concoction is overall quite tasty.

So, with winter coming to the Lone Star State, make a batch of sore-throat-buster and thank me later when it comes in handy.

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