Working in restaurants and stores that serve food it's always known that any food that is leftover at the end of the night gets thrown away. There is one company that is trying to change that ideology by allowing food places the opportunity to make less waste while also allowing people to save.

Still Good

Too Good To Go is a company that we spoke about in July of 2022 and wished desperately for it to come to Lubbock. Well that day has finally arrived as some restaurants in Lubbock have finally signed up to participate in the app as a way to allow people to take advantage of what could be considered trash.

How It Works

So how does it work? Well restaurants or businesses that sell food sign up to be in the program and anything they have left over at the end of the day gets put in a surprise bag. Those bags then are sold on the Too Good To Go app at a very reduced price but are still very good in quality.

Is It Worth It?

We decided to try this service and discovered a few tricks to try when you put your surprise bag on hold. Currently in Lubbock the only food places signed up are Bigham's, True Texas BBQ from HEB, Edible Arrangements, and Tiff's Treats. We decided to go for some desserts and ordered from Edible Arrangements and Tiff's Treats and were surprised with how much we received. Edible Arrangements gave a small bag of chocolate covered strawberries which I was able to share with someone and we were both happy. Tiff's Treats went above and beyond with their surprise bag as it was filled with their delicious cookies that we were able to share with the entire Townsquare Media office and there were still some left over.

So is it worth it? Well yes but do make sure to call ahead and let them know you will be arriving so they have plenty of time to get those surprise bags ready. These bags are left overs so you might get a lot or very little depending on what they have. While we hope to see more restaurants on the app or even a grocery store we want to know what businesses you want to enroll in this app.

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