As the weather warms up in the Lone Star State, the bugs are coming out to play. This means that it’s time to think about how you are going to keep these pests away from your home.  

While you might have spray to keep bugs out of your house, what about the yard? It can feel nearly impossible to go out in your own yard during the summer because of all of the mosquitoes.  

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Bug spray gets annoying after a while, and citronella candles can get expensive. So, what about some plants you can keep in your yard that do all the hard work for you? Keep scrolling to see some plants you can keep in your garden in order to keep mosquitoes at bay.  

Plants That Deter Mosquitoes and Other Bugs

Examples of Pet Safe, Toxic, and Poisonous Plants

These are examples of plants that are pet safe, toxic, and poisonous if ingested. It is not a complete list of every safe and non-safe plant.

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