There are plenty of silly things kids do that are entertaining and non-destructive. However, sometimes things go too far, and it makes you wonder what these kids are being taught.

A Lubbock resident was going on a daily walk through their neighborhood when they noticed a couple of cars along the street with raw eggs splattered on them. While they didn’t see it happen first-hand, obviously the cars had been egged. The first thing that comes to mind when seeing something like this and the most likely culprits are neighborhood kids.

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I didn’t even realize egging was still a thing, but it saddens me to see that it’s still occurring here in Lubbock. In the kid’s mind they could have been getting payback for something petty, or maybe they just did it for fun. Either way, it is unacceptable.

After posting on about the cars they saw, many other Lubbock residents were just as discouraged. Questioning how these kids were raised to think it’s okay to do something like that, concern for the cars that could be damaged by the egging, and overall disappointed in this younger generation.

Every generation has some sort of problem with those that came after them, but today’s kids, whether they are young Gen Z or early Gen Alpha, are out of control. We’ve seen how the disrespect these kids show to their teachers are causing them to quit, the wild online trends they are influenced by, and more.

Whether it is the way parents are raising these kids, or what they are being exposed to online, something seems to be going wrong.

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