If you have ever been in randomly driving around Lubbock then you might have seen the candied apple man selling some delicious treats but there's more to his story. Clemente Hernandez has been seen all over Lubbock selling candied apples and when people get notified of his location via the LBK Foodies or North Lubbock Facebook groups they go wild.

We found Clemente outside of Amigo's, on North University, just under a tree with some delicious looking candied apples. Clemente does not have any social media and had no clue he was so popular on Facebook. We asked why he was out selling candied apples and Clemente let us know that he was raising his grandkids and was unable to work but did receive disability assistance.

Obviously raising kids isn't cheap so Clemente and his wife, and sometimes grandkids, make the apples as a way to get a little extra cash to take the children to eat, pay for gas to take them anywhere, and pay for anything that they might need but are also currently trying to save up for hearing aids for his daughter who is also disabled.

Clemente doesn't just make apples but also makes enchiladas, rice, beans, menudo (with or without patitas), caldo and of course tamales. Clemente did let us know that his tamales travel far and that many people will purchase them in bulk to take with them on trips to share with friends and family. With how popular his food is some people have asked why not open a restaurant but with his current income he is unable to do that and because he is disabled.

Of course we have to talk about the tamales since it is the season and you can get a few different kinds such as pork shoulder, beans and cheese, chicken and beans, chicken and cheese and even brisket tamales. I will have to try those brisket tamales as soon as possible! Since Clemente doesn't have social media you can be lucky and find him randomly but you can usually find him at the bingo halls, 50th and University, 15th and Avenue Q, or on North University near McDonalds and Amigo's.

You can also contact Clemente at 806-448-2793 for any bulk orders but he does ask that it be at least 24 to 48 hours prior to pickup and you send him a text message so he knows you are not a scam caller. Clemente says he doesn't do this to get rich but just to provide a little bit more for his family and part of the funds go right back into the products so they can keep being able to provide.

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