It’s well known to Lubbock locals that we don’t have the best drivers. We’ve all had our bad experiences being cut off, getting stuck behind someone going under the speed limit, and more.

The question is: Why are Lubbock drivers so bad?

Well, after quite a few personal experiences, and hearing stories from many people I know, I think I figured out the reason why.

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It’s the elderly people.

Now, hold on a sec. I know some of you might be upset reading that. I’m not saying your Memaw is a bad person or is maliciously causing problems on the road. I’m saying that they have the poor vision, hearing, and motor control that comes with age, and it is negatively impacting their driving ability.

Obviously, there are exceptions, but you have to admit that there is a 95% chance that the person driving an old tan Chrysler and going 30 in a 50 after pulling out right in front of you is an elderly person.

Sure, not every old person is a bad driver, and yes, there are plenty of young folks that are bad drivers too, but I will hold strong in this theory.

This is also why I agree with people that say everyone above retirement age should have to retake their driving test regularly in order to keep the roads safer. You don’t have to agree with that, it’s just my thought on the matter.

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