Recently a social media post showing a Lubbock dumpster filled with perfectly good books has been making its way around. The photo has left a few people with questions and concerns as to what would happen to the books outside of the bookstore. People that saw the post immediately flocked to the bookstore going out of business in an effort to try to take some the trashed reading materials from the dumpster.

The Weird Space took to social media to share with Lubbock that they had a dumpster of books that was obtained from that closing bookstore with the help of Happy Trash and the local LGBTQ+ Community Discord Server. That dumpster would be open to the public to take whatever reading materials they wanted from the dumpster.

Dozens of volunteers showed up to The Weird Space to organize the books from the big mound that they were originally disposed of and made easily accessible for everyone. Dion's Pizza also surprised many of the volunteers with pizza for all their hard work trying to ensure that these books don't end up in a landfill.

Bring your own container to Bookageddon if you are interested in taking home multiple books and also want to interact with The Conservatory before the main installation is set to open. This event, known, as Bookageddon, will last until 8 p.m. at The Weird Space and will continue Saturday, November 18, and possibly on through the weekend until all of those books find their forever bookshelves.

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