Lubbock is known for being a college town and what do college kids love? Food, alcohol, and music! While there are some places in Lubbock that have food, drinks, and music only one stand outs since it's so close to Texas Tech. Skooner's Grill and Bar.

Welcome In!

Skooner's has been serving the Lubbock community since 1998, that's 26 years, and has made a very big impact in Lubbock's nightlife scene. While Skooner's has the regular bar foods you would expect like burgers, pizza, and wings plus great drinks they have something that just adds to their appeal. No, we are not talking about their pool tables, amazing ambience, or the very nice employees but their main stage where the magic happens.

Come Up to the Lab...

Skooner's has some of the best, if not the overall best, karaoke in all of the Hub City. What sets it apart? Well the host is none other than local artist Jung_Cry_Baby who knows her audience and just knows how to speak to the audience. In turn the audience is very welcoming to anyone that walks through those doors and wants to just sing their heart out. Even if they're not the best, which almost everyone is. No, seriously even the employees will occasionally sing and blow the audience away. That's talent!

...And See What's on the Slab

If you have never been to Skooner's it's located just East of Texas Tech University, just across the street, at 1617 University Avenue with a green awning that reads Skooner's in red letters. The ambience at this place is very much welcoming and feels like that cool older cousin who would smoke behind the school cafeteria. Skooner's also has other events such as live painting, featured artists, and themed karaoke nights like Disney and Emo night. Skooner's karaoke is on Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays from 9 p.m. to close with a whole lot of regulars coming through and enjoying themselves.

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