I would prefer not to do it but I've always wondered - is it actually legal to drive barefoot in the state of Texas?  We've all done that short drive away from the beach or the neighborhood pool that made us too lazy to put our shoes on...the question is - should we have taken the time to put on some dang shoes?!

Well, laziness wins in this situation! How many times can you say that?!  According to the website from the law firm of Schechter, Shaffer & Harris, LLP out of Houston - in short smslegal.com.

"There’s no law against driving barefoot in Texas. If you can safely drive your vehicle, you can wear, or not wear, anything you want. Being unable to drive barefoot is just a myth helped by the internet and social media."

So there you go!  You can drive with clown shoes if you can operated the car safely.

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I guess a related question is flip-flops - is it legal to drive in these clumsy foot coverings?

Well the good folks at Pronto Insurance cleared that up...

"Much like the barefoot question, driving with flip flops is also not illegal in Texas. But, again, we don't recommend doing it since they can slip from the pedals or fall from your feet. We recommend keeping a pair of shoes in your vehicle for when you get behind the wheel."

Ok, I guess if you can do it safely you can - but who wants that headache?!  I can barely walk in flip flops. Maybe that's just me...

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