Lubbock is known for it's amazing music scene and extraordinary food that seems to be unique in every way but there are a few restaurants not a lot of people know about. One particular cuisine has all the flavors to hold their own in the food game across Lubbock and that's Indian food.

The Flavors Are Dancing

Indian food has recently been on my brain lately and I am constantly craving it's amazing flavors. For those who have never had Indian cuisine then this is for you. The flavors in Indian food is so unique with all the spices mixing together to create these mouth watering creations. Whether that food is spicy, mild, sweet or savory it seems that all the seasoning is done with this precision that can only be found in this special type of food.

What Does it Matter?

The importance of knowing where to find local Indian cuisine in Lubbock is integral to the community of this growing city. The amount of locations where you can find authentic Indian food made at the restaurant from scratch says that Lubbock is evolving and their taste palette is getting even more refined. Lubbock residents deserve to taste Indian food at least twice, just to make sure, in their lives because it is very decadent. Even in their more indulgent food options.

Show Me the Food!

So where can you find Indian cuisine in Lubbock? Near the heart of Lubbock seems to be a great place to start because there are actually quite a few restaurants in the area catering to that specific food. Have you tried Indian food and will you try any of the restaurants on this list? Let us know your favorite Indian food dish!

5 Lubbock Indian Restaurants

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