Food is essential for us to live but good food is essential for our souls to flourish and one Lubbock family owned restaurant is doing just that. The Hub City Burger Bar has been a refreshing new staple to the Lubbock community after expanding from a food truck.

In 2019 Nathan Jones and wife Heather started their food truck the Grub Gauntlet and made a name for themselves in Lubbock with their amazing flavors. The Jones decided to open a brick and mortar version of their food truck near the Texas Tech campus and after some hardships were able to open their doors and share their dreams with the community.

Mind Blowing

When you first enter this restaurant you cannot help but notice their giant and beautiful pizza oven that is just a work of art. As someone who worked in a brick oven pizza place before I decided I would order the garlic chicken pizza and try it out while taking in the rest of the restaurant. I tried the pizza and was blown away that the flavors went so well together and there was a taste of nostalgia that hit me like the scene in Ratatouille when Anton Ego eats the ratatouille dish.

The thing that sets this restaurant apart from any other is that a lot of the food's flavors and signature sauces are made in house. That includes the sauce for the truffle fries, tomato sauce for the pizzas, and barbecue sauce that are all creations of owner Nathan who takes pride in his food and balances out the flavors beautifully.

Changing the Game!

We were able to sit with Nathan and Heather who were able to tell us that they love Lubbock and Texas Tech University that even their son goes to Texas Tech when he's not working at the restaurant. Nathan did give us some insight into what's next for the Hub City Burger Bar as they go forward. There are some changes they are planning to their restaurant to give it more of a Hub City feeling than it already has. Those changes include adding a bar to the restaurant to bring in more college students and foodies so they can pair their favorite foods with a nice adult beverage.

They are also planning on even more fresh foods such as same day cut fries, agave ketchup, and lots of cast iron foods because who doesn't love the flavors you get from something made in a cast iron. If you love food and want flavors that just dance in your mind all day long then try the Hub City Burger Bar at 3711 19th Street from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, they are closed on Mondays. What are some other locally owned restaurants in Lubbock we should know about and try? Let us know!

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