Lubbock was hit by a huge dust storm yesterday that left everyone with a grainy taste in their mouth.

The storm rolled in with 76 mph winds hitting the Hub City and up to 114 mph winds hitting Memphis, Texas (around two hours north-east of Lubbock). These winds picked up all of that red dirt West Texans come to know and hate, coating everything in sight with a dusty film.

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I was at home, relaxing, watching TV with my family when the storm hit. Suddenly the whole house was filled with a dim orange light and taking a look outside showed the culprit. The sky was brown, tumbleweeds were flying by, and you could barely make out the outline of the neighboring houses.

Seeing dust storms like this is not an unusual thing here in Lubbock, but it is still always shocking to see. The way the sky darkens so fast, and the lights flicker with extra strong gusts is almost an apocalyptic feeling.

Fortunately, living in the digital age means that everyone is filming everything and there is always bound to be videos posted when crazy weather events like this happens. This dust storm was no exception as everyone took to TikTok to post their point of view of the storm.

Keep scrolling to see a mix of funny, concerning, and educational videos about the dust storm on February 26, 2023.

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