Finding delicious food that fits unique dietary needs, especially surrounding allergies, is a huge struggle for many people. Whether it’s a child being left out at their friend’s party, unable to enjoy the same snacks as everyone else, or an adult looking for a half decent recipe that replicates a traditionally non-allergen friendly meal.

One common dietary restriction is not being able to have gluten. Whether it is an allergy, or celiac, it can be a huge pain to find good gluten free options without making everything from scratch at home.

While it is a pain to find good gluten free options at times, it doesn’t mean you have to go without any of the things you love, especially if you are a fan of baked goods. It might seem impossible to replicate some of the well-loved bready options, but there are great substitutions out there that make it possible.

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A woman owned business located in Shallowater, Texas is here to show that with their new bakery, Cup of Daisies.

Dedicated to providing delicious, and completely uncontaminated, gluten free baked goods, they are officially open for orders. Their official Facebook page is where you can find more information about the bakery, the women that run it, and what kinds of goods they are making.

They have everything from ‘easy peasy’ mixes that you can whip up yourself, to freshly baked cookies, muffins, and cupcakes.

As someone who has a couple of close friends that can’t have gluten, it is great to know there is an option for them nearby.

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