You can mail anything right?!  Wrong.  There are some things that are definitely a no-go according the United State Postal Service. So, check out this list before you head to the post office.


Nail Polish - Since most nail polish is flammable, some cannot be sent.  There are ground shipping options if you are selling commercially.

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Cigarettes/Cigars -  There are a few exceptions here. Mostly restricted for international shipping.  You can send a small gift-size domestically in most cases.

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Perfume - Perfume containing alcohol cannot be put in the mail. If it doesn't contain alcohol restrictions may apply, so can try and send.

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Pets - You should know you cannot ship your domestic pets. Obviously, food, water and care are needed.  However, poultry, reptiles and bees can actually be shipped with restrictions.

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Marijuana - If you are sending the real deal - it's hard no. However, you can send hemp/CDB with restrictions.

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Fruits/Vegetables - Obviously, these fresh items can go bad quickly.  This rule also stands for all perishable foods.  You can send at your own risk and may require special packing if permitted.


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Alcohol - Beer, Wine and Liquor is a no-no.  In fact, the crackdown is so harsh, The United States Postal Website includes this note...

"Please note, if you want to reuse a box that has alcoholic beverage labels on it, remove all logos and labels so your package will pass through the mail system."

So watch what you put the approved stuff in!  Any alcohol label can cause a delay.

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There you go - for more complete explanations and more items - check out the USPS website.


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