Here I thought nobody loved Dr Pepper more than Texans. Turns out another city nowhere even close to us loves the iconic soda brand more.

Dr Pepper Texas History

If I was a gambling man, I would have said Dr Pepper's Capital should be Waco. After all the drink was first sold there. Actually a nickname for the drink in it's early days was a Waco. Yes, Waco does have a lot going on for Dr Pepper fans, but still not the Capital.

What About Dublin, Texas?

Here was my backup guess, Dublin, Texas. For a period of time, was known for their 'special' Dr Pepper. Actually, it wasn't special. It was the original recipe with real sugar. During the 1970's, Dr Pepper switched to corn syrup for the recipe and the Dublin plant...just ignored that news. For years, you could get this Dr Pepper only in Dublin. Dr Pepper now makes it themselves as Dr Pepper with real sugar. Dublin though, still not the Dr Pepper Capital of the World.

Roanoke, Virginia Dr Pepper Capital of the World?!

This is downtown Roanoke, Virginia. Home to first Dr Pepper bottling plant in the state. So why does the city love Dr Pepper so much? They take the Dr Pepper slogan to heart. You might have seen the Dr Pepper clocks (like the one pictured above) with 10, 2, and 4. This is when supposedly you tend to crash during the day, so you should have a Dr Pepper at these times to help get you through the day. Roanoke, Virginia allegedly drinks more Dr Pepper than anyone else in the country.

10/24 is Always Dr Pepper Day in Roanoke

The town celebrates the 10, 2, 4 on the Dr Pepper clock by dedicating 10/24 to Dr Pepper. Apparently free Dr Pepper is given out on this day and people seem to truly enjoy it every year. All my life I thought Texans were the true Dr Pepper fans. Turns out, Virginia is kicking our a**. Time to step our game up and start drinking more.

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