It's no secret that this summer has been a hot one. We've been coasting in the triple digits, or close, for a while. With the heat we've been having, you've got to remember to take care of yourself.

There's already been over 100 rescues, due to heat, at Texas state parks this summer.

Being Outdoors Is Fun, Until It Isn't

I love being outdoors. My whole family does. In fact, we've spent most of our weekends camping and road tripping. It's been great, and I'm grateful for the fun we've been able to have.

That being said, I've also been reprimanded by the love of my life plenty of times over the heat; and she's right.

Texas Parks and Wildlife recently posted a reminder on social media to all of us to take care of ourselves this summer when we're outdoors. There's already been a staggering number of rescues.

Over 100 People And Pets Have Had To Be Rescued

According to their post, over 100 people and pets have had to be rescued. The part that really caught my attention on that was "pets."

Yes, your pets need to be taken special care of in this heat, too.

I recently read a comment on a post about hiking and trails in Texas, and someone commented that they passed someone carrying their dog back to the parking area. The poor animal was exhausted. If the heat is harsh on us, it's harsh on them too.

Take A Lot Of Water With You If You Decide To Be Outdoors

The post from Texas Parks and Wildlife recommends 32oz of water, per person (including your pets) per hour.

Let that sink in. That's per hour for each person, and pet, that's out there.

They also remind you to have some protection from the sun, take a map with you, and have a plan. Aimlessly wandering around without a plan in this heat is a recipe for disaster.

I hope that all of those rescues ended well, and those that were rescued are doing better. Take care of yourself out there.

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