2024 is off to a roaring start in Amarillo, Texas. We've already seen several headlines involving criminal activity happening in Yellow City. Last night, an arrest was made that led to police getting almost 2 lbs of cocaine off the streets.

Almost Two Pounds Of Cocaine Found During An Arrest In Amarillo, Texas

According to a press release issued by Amarillo Police Department, Amarillo Police Department Neighborhood Police Unit (APD NPO), DPS, and Potter County Sheriff's Office worked together to develop information on an individual with a felony warrant.

The press release then goes on to state that the discovery of almost two pounds worth of cocaine would happen when they went to serve the search warrant.

According to the release, the person officers were looking for was Susana Ibarra. When they went to serve the warrant, they allegedly discovered 1.74 lbs of cocaine.

Ibarra was arrested, according to the release, for a felony warrant for Possession Of A Controlled Substance and drug paraphernalia. She was booked into the Potter County Detention Center. The release states that the investigation is ongoing.

What Is Going On In Amarillo In 2024?

It seems we've already seen an avalanche of headlines this year involving all kinds of different crimes. We've seen a flight get diverted to Amarillo because a passenger decided to beat up a flight attendant, then kick an officer in the groin and spit on others.

There's even the story about the Toot'n Totum that got robbed at gunpoint. The robber making off with lotto tickets and cash.

We're not even halfway through the first half of January. It could be a very long 2024.

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