In 2011, Amarillo was featured on COPS as a massive brawl took place outside of an establishment downtown. The video is wild and even features a guy getting the business end of a Taser, and he doesn't react at all. It also proves that Roadhouse in Amarillo is not as sexy as Roadhouse in Hollywood.

COPS in Amarillo For A Brawl In 2011

The video starts with a nice little ride-along with an officer. He talks about what it's like to live in Amarillo, what kind of town it is, and what people like to do on the weekend. Things shift into high gear when he pulls up to a brawl outside a nightclub.

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Things instantly get hectic as the officer winds up in the middle of a fight between two individuals. The bouncer is trying to separate them. The officer is trying to separate them. Before you know it people are on the ground screaming how they didn't do anything.

Crowds Are Always The Same During A Bar Brawl

One thing that sticks out when watching videos like this is how similar the crowds usually are. You have the tough guy who is going to inject himself into the situation to try and peel the two warring parties apart. There is the token screaming woman in the background. I've never understood why they scream as if they're in some kind of horror movie, but they do it every single time.

There are plenty of silent spectators standing off to the side. They don't scream. They don't get involved. They just stand there. It's actually a little creepy when you think about it. Silently standing silhouettes, showing no emotion, watching as the combatants battle for the honor of a spilled drink...or whatever.

Amarillo Bar Brawl Not As Sexy As Roadhouse Movie

I'll never forgive the film Roadhouse for making barfights look awesome. I've never been in a barfight that wound up as cool as anything Patrick Swayze was able to pull off. It's usually just some drunk, out-of-shape guys trying their best to be Patrick Swayze's character in the film and failing miserably. I have seen more than one overweight fella try and pull off a whiskey-fueled roundhouse kick, only to wind up on his butt.

Leave the barfights to the sexy and trained stuntmen and women of Hollywood.

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