It's hard to say exactly what's going on with this car caught on film in Orlando, Florida, but it's wild. TikToker @hellofrommiami shared a wild video of police officers talking to someone inside a car completely covered in everything from microwaves to bicycles, clothing, furniture...and so much more. I think I even see a ceiling fan up there.

TikTok @hellofrommiami
TikTok @hellofrommiami

Sure this is part of some kind of movie set...right? Maybe an art display?

Whatever the case, I never want to hear another complaint about all of the junk in the backseat of my car again! At least I'm not putting it on the roof. It honestly never occurred to me that I could...

Check out the wild video below, and then stay tuned for some of my favorite viewer comments:

"It's 2000 a month in rent to live in that."

"I bet they carry all of their groceries in on the FIRST attempt."

"Is that a Banksy?"

"I know he is constantly getting gas, that engine is working OVERTIME."

"Dr. Suess vibes."

"You should add the Sanford and Son intro."

"Nah this has to be an art display."

Holy smokes, guys! Have you ever seen anything like that before? Can anybody explain what's happening here? If you've seen this vehicle out and about, I'd love to hear from you. Email me at if you've got any insight into what's happening here.

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