We're living in the future, boys and girls! Whataburger just rolled out a new digital kitchen in Austin. You can now get your favorite menu items without talking to another living soul.

I don't know about you guys, but I think that's pretty darn special.

TikTok @whataburger
TikTok @whataburger

You have the option of ordering your food through the Whataburger app or from a digital kiosk and then picking it up at the drive-thru or at their digital locker boxes. What a time to be alive!

Check out what the new Whataburger Digital Kitchen has to offer below in a TikTok posted by Whataburger 6 days ago:

It sounds like a much more efficient way to get people through long lines. Have you ever seen how wild it gets at a Whataburger around 2 a.m.? There are always cars lined up all the way to the street. I'd say this upgrade is a good thing.

So, how long will it be before we have a Whataburger Digital Kitchen in Lubbock, Texas?

All we really know is that they've chosen to experiment with this idea in Austin, first. I'd be willing to bet we will see them around here sometime in the future after they've worked out all of the kinks. They aren't the only restaurant flirting with the digital age. Chic-fil-A is also planning on expanding its mobile ordering system, and digital, drive-thru-only kitchens are popping up left and right in the United States.

The future is bright, guys!

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