The Toadies is a lifelong band for me. And they are for many of us Lubbockites.

Not to date myself too much, but Toadies breakout album Rubberneck was released when I was 11 years old. Having a DJ dad meant I had immediate access to it and I could not stop listening. I'm surprised I didn't wear a hole in it.

The coolness of my parents didn't stop there, they took me to see Toadies at The Depot Warehouse, and somewhere exists a photo of baby Renee with Vaden Todd Lewis. I'm so grateful I could cry just remembering that moment.

The Toadies, Summerland Tour 2015, Lubbock, Texas
Justin Massoud, KFMX

For the less informed (and considerably less cool) who live outside of Texas, Toadies were a 90s band- and their hit Possum Kingdom reached a zenith of cultural import as it was featured on Beavis and Butthead (which absolutely was a taste-maker at the time).

But for the initiated, some of the best Toadies is 2000s Toadies. I'm looking at you, Hell Below/ Stars Above, an immaculate Southern Gothic masterpiece that holds my favorite Toadies songs.

Album nerd-ery aside, Toadies are at their best live. Energic, rowdy, rockin', and at times exquisitely, painfully beautiful. And lucky us, we get to see them again in our hometown, in the intimate setting of Jake's Backroom.

Toadies will perform on August 29th. Tickets are available at Raplh's Records (82nd and Indiana) or online here beginning Friday, March 29th.

Of course, we have your chance at freebies, too. Enter here:



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