The Lubbock Animal Shelter & Adoption Center is looking for a new home for a sweet little pig that was found on the 500 block of East 35th Street. Unfortunately, pigs are now allowed within the city limits of Lubbock. Not even super adorable ones like this one.

Sorry, guys. No piggies in the 806, BUT, you can have them out in the country.

I reached out to the Lubbock Animal Shelter to see if the piggy was still available, and it is! They aren't sure yet if the pig is male or female, but they've named it "Charley B". An employee told me that it was found wandering around town aimlessly, and they are under the assumption that it was probably someone's pet at some point.

Take a look at their public Facebook post below:

Do you have a place on your farm for this little piggy? If you think you'd be a good fit, call the Lubbock Animal Shelter & Adoption Center at 806-775-2057 and ask about Charlie B!

Here's hoping this cutie finds a new place with a big mud pile to play in and lots of tasty snacks. I only wish I had a house in the country. I've always wanted a pig! Good luck, Charley B!

Thank you to the Lubbock Animal Shelter for everything they do to help animals in our community find forever homes.

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