Maybe "smiling bushes" should be a Lubbock thing.

Imagine if a large percentage of structure owners in the Hub City all had a smiling bush
and we covered the city with these weird green creatures. It certainly would be better than plastic cows, flamingos, or whatever. We could actually increase the beauty of green spaces while putting giant googly eyes on plants.

So, of course, the smiling bush off of Indiana is somewhat legendary. For a while there it really captured the public attention, then the whole thing kind of drove itself off a cliff. It's still there, but what can I say, it seems the magic is gone.

Now, not five minutes after I had the previous thoughts while driving past the Indiana smiling bush, I pulled up to ANOTHER smiling bush, and you bet your beans that this bush had a much better reason to smile. This new mid-sized, but still very wacky creation is located in the flowerbed of the Rosa's Tortilla Factory on 50th Street.


Now I can't think of a better reason to smile than being near a Rosa's. As I type this my belly is stuffed with breakfast migas, frijoles, and spicy papas. Just imagine sitting in the flowerbed and smelling all that good food all day long and how you'd be smiling too.

I have no idea if they have any plans to alter the bush for holidays like the other other bush, in fact, it's a bit surprising that the bush had no Mexican flair, but I still like it greeting me when I make my way in. I hope Rosa's will keep this bush smiling for a long, long time.

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