Evidently, the City Of Lubbock takes a little too long to recognize a hot horseshoe.

In 2021 voters said no to a plan to ditch the bricks on Broadway.  Apparently, some people don't like that answer.  Right now a  survey is being conducted about all of this, all over again.

Here's how I see the situation. A lot of people invested in downtown, and many people who have a decent bank account moved down there. Businesses were started, lofts were launched, and investments were made. It didn't take long after that the some of the "charm" of the area wore off, and now those people want to ditch there very things that brought them there. I could be wholly incorrect, but that sure seems to be the case.

Let's start with this, downtown Lubbock without the bricks on Broadway is no longer historic, special, or worthy of any further attention. Why would anyone want to visit this area when the very things that make it special go away?  The next thing you know they'll complain some buildings are too tall and blocking their sunlight. Why not just flatten it all and start over?

I think it's safe to say that most people in Lubbock only go downtown for the Art Trail. If I didn't have to pick someone up a couple of times last week, I'd say I only go down there about once a year, and it's usually when I make a wrong turn. The roads do have a lot  ups and downs that could get annoying(I'm not sure if the roads warped, or if they were built that way for drainage). Still, you knew what you were getting when you located down there.  In short, don't expect us to be concerned that you regret your decision.

I'm also wondering why a lift, flatten, and replace option isn't being discussed. Couldn't we economically flatten patches of the road and return the brick? After all, nothing's actually wrong with the bricks themselves. At the end of the day, I'm not going to be too concerned about what happens, only that we did indeed make a choice and now some people want a do-over.

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