It's nothing new. Lubbock dollar stores are notoriously overrun with products, messy, and utterly chaotic. A while back, we featured a story about how whack it looked inside a local Dollar General store, but maybe it's time to even the playing field and mention the madness at Family Dollar, too.

Before you scope it out, I just want to mention that I'm not poking fun at the employees. I know that the dollar-store game is corrupt from the top down. Think about it. Businesses with good management and an adequate number of employees don't just look like this. It's a problem that starts with the careless CEOs who stuff their pockets with money while the little people battle it out alone in busy stores across the United States. The products just keep coming in. The overstock is insane. There's just not enough help or time in the world to get them completely organized. It's nuts.

It's not a Lubbock-specific problem. It's everywhere. I've seen them overrun with products and understaffed across the country. How many times have you been into a dollar store and wondered how on earth only ONE employee is working? Can you imagine working all day alone, or with one other person, and never being able to get ahead or make a small dent in the piles of boxes you need to restock the shelves with? And of course, you're dealing with customers the entire time. It sounds horrible, y'all.

Check out the images below...

Does this look normal to us all now? Do we just turn a blind eye to the chaos for those low prices? What's it really like to work for a dollar store in 2023?

If you work for one, I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to email me at and let me know what it's like.

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