Huntsville, Texas is a pretty (in)famous Texas town, known mostly as the home of the Texas State Penitentiary of Hunstville, or more easily, the Huntsville Unit. And it is the sole facility in which Texas death row inmates, shall we say, meet their maker.

The Penitentiary has a long and interesting history that I won't go into here, because I want to focus on something much more light-hearted to see while you're in town: this tiny home that has a huge hat atop!

According to on Facebook, the home was built by the late artist Dan Phillips, in addition to its nearest neighbor- the Cowboy Boot House!

The Cowboy Boot House is one of over a dozen homes built with salvaged materials by architect Dan Phillips of the Phoenix Commotion, a local building initiative dedicated to reducing construction waste and providing housing.

Let's take a tour of the Cowboy Hat House, and you'll catch glimpses of the Cowboy Boot House, too!

You can read more about Dan Phillips here.

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