If you haven't hopped on the Big Wick's train yet, you are missing out. This Lubbock-born condiment is great in or on nearly everything, from cream cheese to cocktails and beyond. Original Big Wick's is a mesquite smoked jalapeno glaze that's the perfect combination of sweet, spicy, and smoky, adding a beautiful depth of flavor to many dishes.

Our fervent customer base has been using it with cream cheese and crackers, as a meat finishing glaze, an essential ingredient in cocktails, added to stir-fry cuisine, and even poured over ice cream.

Now, in time for the holidays, Big Wick's is releasing an ultra-limited flavor that I can't wait to get my hands on. "Holiday Seasonal 2023" will still have their signature smoked jalapenos, but will be complimented with the festive flavors of cranberry and prickly pear juice.


This new flavor is a collaboration with Brushfire Farms, a San Antonio-based company that specializes in pequin pepper jams and prickly pear syrups. This super limited flavor of Big Wick's is available exclusively through the internet-viral Meat Church Store and on the Big Wick's website, but Lubbock folks will get a chance to purchase it in person here in town because Wes Wicker loves us and wants to give us a chance to get our mitts on it without having to pay shipping costs.

 Lubbock friends -

We are releasing our holiday seasonal flavor this week! Since it will be exclusively at the Meat Church store and on our website, we have decided to do a couple pop-up sales in Lubbock. We don’t want anyone up there to have to order online and pay for shipping. Saturday [November 18th], we will be at Big Plate Restaurant Supply from 10AM-1PM. Sunday, we will be at Cook's Garage 1-4PM.
I absolutely cannot wait to explore new culinary possibilities with this exciting new flavor.

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