I put the question out to my friends, "What's your go-to burrito and where do you get it?". I was surprised that I am in the majority.

Image by Nevena Mikec from Pixabay and Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay
Image by Nevena Mikec from Pixabay and Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

There were two answers that seemed to lead the pack, and the first one I predicted. Everyone around here seems to agree that the best default burrito is some version of the combo from Taco Villa.


If I was still in Lubbock I always loved Josie's...Taco Villa never did me wrong:-)-J. Harper
Combination burrito make it extreme no onions = Taco Villa-J. Cuevas
Taco Villa when in Lubbock-S. McCoy
The second big answer was a place I am ashamed I didn't think of. United Supermarkets also came back big. I should have guessed this as I love to hit the Amigos on 4th street (owned by United for those not in the know) and have a big fat carne guisada burrito to eat in the park nearby.
Man. This may go against the grain but I love Mrkt st on 19th. Papa egg and cheese They make em big-R. Garcia
United supermarket burritos, you pick and choose what you get and it’s a good quantity, price goes off of how much you have on and it’s fresh fresh if you go early in the morning. D.Stone
Now we're getting somewhere. Also coming up huge is Jiminez Tortilleria & Tacqueria, which I can personally confirm is also amazing.
Jimenez Tortilleria & Taqueria, Carne Guisada-T. Garcia
Jimenez Tortilleria y Taqueria: anything haha-Kelsee Pittman (our own food expert)
I also need to give a huge shoutout to Burrito Tower who were mentioned several times.
The Burrito Tower's carne asada with cheese. Or anything from pronto mart-J. Mc Gill
Other recommendations include Burrito King, Politberto's, Pollies, Lillies, Picantes, El Ranchito's, Rosa's, Josie's, Taco Express in Brownfield, Jojo's Smoke Shop in Levelland, Stripes, and Nippa Hut in Hobbs.
Since this is an active thread on my personal page, I've embedded it below. You can get more details on "what" to order and "where" these places are there. I'm hungry.

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