Texans are a special lot.

Just as Texans are special, then again, we're not. Let's phrase this another way, there are a lot of assumptions and questions about Texas and I'm here today to clear some of those things up.

I have a bit of an outsider's eye towards looking at Texas. I have been a resident of Texas for almost forty years, but I was born elsewhere. This allows me to see things just a little bit more perspective than people who have lived here all of their lives.

I truly love Texas and it has been so good to me. I can also tell you that when I informed my high school friends I was moving here they thought I'd be essentially whooping it up with the Dallas Cowboys as if they were in my own backyard. Sorry, the state is too big for that kind of thing. So with that preamble out of the way, here's some of the other answers Texans have for the questions ya'll ask.

  • Photo by Crystal Huff on Unsplash
    Photo by Crystal Huff on Unsplash

    What Do You Want To Drink?

    Whether we're at a barbeque place, a steakhouse, or even our favorite Tex-Mex place, the answer to "What do you want to drink?" is always "Sweet Tea". Yes, there are a few outliers who would disagree with this, but they are not real Texans and should be expelled from the state immediately.

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    How Do You Get To Work?

    We do not ride horses to work or school. I suppose it happens on rare occasions, but Texans use pickup trucks (usually white ones) to get everywhere they need to go. We totally need to change this stereotype from horses to white pickups, 100%.

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    What's Close To Your Town?

    Nothing. Nothing is close to "our town". "Our town" is what it is and it's surrounded by a bunch of nothing until that nothing bleeds into the nothing that bleeds into another town. Don't ask me how far Lubbock is from Dallas or Houston is from El Paso, the answer is...a long, long way away.

  • Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay
    Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

    Does Everybody There Have A Gun?

    A lot of people are frightened that so many people in Texas have guns, so they ask this question. The answer is no, everybody in Texas has multiple guns. Everyone in Texas has one for each hand of each family member and maybe even some backups.

  • Lemon_tm / ThinkStock
    Lemon_tm / ThinkStock

    How Hot Does It Get There?

    Texas is a very big state and it has many different climates, but the answer is, it gets hotter than Satan's armpit around here. Outdoor chickens get fried on the spot. The question is not "Is it hot enough to bake cookies in your car, " but "How many trays of cookies can you bake in your car?".

  • Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

    Are We Disrespecting You?

    Some people from out of state get mad if you call them "sir" or "Ma'am" (there are about a half-dozen acceptable spellings of that). It's all respect and it's all good. It's just shorthand respect and "Yes Sir!" just sounds a little better than "Okay, Dude!". Also, we use these terms regardless of age so we are certainly not "calling you old" which is what many people assume.

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